3 Car Organizer Pocket Types You Should Know

Car organizer pocket

Car organizer pocket is said to be the most compact and practical type of car organizer. Indeed, it has a smaller dimension than the regular car organizer. Moreover, people also use it for keeping smaller items than what you can keep in the other type of car organizer. Even though it is a smaller version of a car organizer, we can say that it has similar function and benefits as the bigger one. Therefore, you should have this tool in your car. But, here is the question. Which type you should choose? Below, we have an explanation of the types of car organizer pocket.

Standard Car Organizer Pocket Type

Car organizer pocket in this category has a simple design. It is only a big pocket made of leather you can put between the car seat. Mostly, this type doesn’t have extra features. It is only a pocket that prevents your mobile phone, money, writing tools, or other small objects, to fall into the space between front seats. If that happened, it will be difficult to get it back. You can get it but it will take too much time. Therefore, you can solve and prevent that problem with the standard version of the car organizer pocket.

Car Organizer Pocket with Zipper

A car organizer pocket is also available in the zipper version. It gives you better protection after you put your items in it. Once you lock the zipper, it won’t fall and protect it from water and other things. Many of the pocket organizers with zippers also have a belt or strap. That design turns it into a small bag. Therefore, you also can use it for a bag. And, when you ride the car, put the strap in its compartment and place the pocket between the seats. Voila, you get a functional car organizer pocket.

Solid Type Car Organizer Pocket

The car organizer pocket has a function as the extra pocket between the car front seats. However, you also can find a similar car organizer for this area that is made of solid material, like plastic or even metal. Unlike the standard pocket made of leather, this one provides better support. Some of them even can be categorized as cup holder car organizer. You can use this type when you carry your beverage a lot during your trip. Now, we hope you understand the types of pocket car organizers. Next, find the trusted store to buy the best car organizer pocket.

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