Car Wash At Home? Why Not

Car Wash

Nowadays, you can wash or detail your car by yourself at home just like a pro car wash service. All you have to do is prepare car cleaning products for interior and exterior. The preparation is straightforward now because you can buy a car detail set. So, here are the steps to wash or detail a vehicle at home just like a pro.

Car Wash the Exterior First 

The first thing to do is clean the exterior of the vehicle first. In this car wash process, you can hose off the car. The function of this process is to loosen and soften the dirt around the body of the vehicle.

Car Wash the Wheels

The next thing you should do is wash the wheels. Most car wash services do it because wheels are the dirtiest part. Once the dirtiest part is clean, it will be easy to clean other parts. The dirt from the wheels also won’t land on the other parts of the vehicle.

Use the right car cleaning wheel brush to remove the sticky dirt maximally. It is better not to use a sponge or a mitt first once the wheels are clean. Continue to the other parts and hose them off together before drying them with a cloth.

Car Wash the Body of the Vehicle

Now wash the body of the vehicle. Use a large wash mitt, along with water and soap. Unlike a sponge, a mitt can’t only wash the body but also the machines. You can use this tool while cleaning the engine to remove the grit.

Drying the Exterior 

Use a clean towel to dry the exterior of your vehicle. It takes time, but all professional car wash services do it to ensure that there is no leftover water. The leftover water can tarnish the paint and even cause rust.

Detailing the Inside of the Vehicle

Continue the process by detailing the inside of the vehicle. Start by removing trash and personal items. Then, vacuum the interior of the car, including the carpets and the seats. Now, clean the windows using a specific window spray.

Ensure that you are using a clean towel to dry the windows. Don’t forget to use an all-purpose cleaning solution to clean the dashboard, steering wheel, column, and other parts. Use the right product for different materials.

That’s it! Your vehicle looks brand-new now. DIY car wash activity at home may take 4 to 5 hours or even more if you want to get a perfect result. It may need extra effort, but you will be satisfied and happy with the result.

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